Texting Do’s and Don’ts in Online Relationships

When you’re in the early stages of getting to know a potential partner on a dating platform, a lot of your communicating will be done via texts. Unlike chatting and flirting in the real world when conversations will flow, allowing you to develop a natural rapport, online messages need to convey emotions, pass on compliments, and contain suggestive undertones, as well as passing any grammar and spellchecks with top marks! The strength of your initial texts will go a long way towards determining if there is going to be a future for this relationship. No pressure there, then! The good news is that texting can easily be mastered – as long as you pay attention to these crucial do’s and don’ts.


Inject your writing with humor

When you are connecting in the lonely chat rooms, the key is to make an instant impression. So don’t come across as just another one in a long line of profiles another site user is going to be browsing through. Write a description that will attract their attention. Compose messages that crackle with wit and will lodge in their mind, making them want to find out more about you.

Concentrate on making a fresh start

When it comes to relationships, many of us will have our fair share of baggage. But don’t dwell on texting about past events, or be tempted to make comparisons with previous partners. See each new online relationship as a line in the sand, a moment when you can begin anticipating the bright new future that surely lies ahead.

Chat freely about your passions and interests

Remember, getting involved with prospective partners on a dating site is all about establishing a rapport as quickly as possible. You’ll have a much better chance of achieving this if you can present a fully-rounded picture of your vibrant personality at an early stage during communication with a new potential partner. Mention your favorite hobbies and pastimes when messaging, and text abut these with enthusiasm.

Outline your longer-term aspirations

You’ll save a lot of unnecessary timewasting if you are candid from the outset. Are you looking for short-term fun or long-term romance? Let the other person in on this secret in your text messages. They might reciprocate – if not, move on.


Get names mixed up

When you are spending any amount of time texting other singles, never get individuals mixed up. It might seem like a casual slip of your fingers on the keyboard to you, but to the person at the receiving end, it will only give the impression that you are in the habit of flirting with multiple site users.

Get overly suggestive

When you are developing a sense of chemistry, you can certainly exchange suggestive messages, especially as you are getting to know each other better with a face-to-face liaison in mind. But subtlety should remain your guiding word. By all means, flirt. Never send overly graphic texts until you’ve reached a point where this forwardness seems natural.

Broach controversial topics

Avoid texting about politics, religion, former partners, not to mention drug dependency or mental health issues. These can all be touched upon once you have bonded. Until then, keep your text content friendly, informal, and upbeat. Political opinions are unique to individuals and could strike a wedge between you.

Ask closed-ended questions

The key to succesful texts is to engage in conversations, not interrogations. So try avoiding bombarding subjects with questions, and don’t text any to which the answers are yes or no. Encourage two-way dialogue by being just as focused on their answers to your texts as the questions you ask.



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