The 101 Talk about Caskets that Everybody Needs to Read

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Nobody likes to plan a funeral service, especially when it’s for a loved one. You need to go through a carousel of intense emotions, that can be quite exhausting. The last thing you have the energy for is choosing a casket. However, the casket is the focal point of most typical funerals. It sits right in the center of everything, and it’s on display for the viewing. Does it make any sense for which the caskets are so expensive (if not the most costly part of the funeral)?

The casket is the original item for a regular funeral, and it’s keeping the loved one’s body throughout the whole ceremony. It’s the main reason for which the casket becomes so essential, and choosing it never comes easy.

No matter if the casket is the last thing protecting the body of the deceased or the previous image before you say your goodbyes, one thing is obvious. Caskets are expensive, and only scrolling down is going to help you understand why it is so.

What purpose does the casket serve?

Brutally put, the casket is a container that holds the body of the deceased. It protects the dignity of the person that dies, offering a more pleasant way to display the remains throughout the funeral service.

For many years, caskets were only functional, but they have become over the years more and more critical. They now serve aesthetic purposes too, and choosing the right casket is fundamental.

Casket or coffin- how to tell the difference?

Caskets and coffins serve the same purposes since they provide a place for holding the remains of the deceased in the most respectful and dignified way. However, the design is what sets them apart.

The coffin features eight sides and has a human body shape. On the other hand, the casket is rectangular. Coffins aren’t a standard option anymore in North America. That’s not the situations for different regions, where coffins are even more common than caskets.

How much should you pay for a casket?

The price range for caskets is quite extensive, due to the materials, craftsmanship, and customization that impact the final price. You can get a basic casket, with little to no customization, for no more than a thousand dollars. The more intricate the designs and details on the casket, the higher the price is going to be. Some caskets can get as high as $10,000, especially if they’re made with expensive materials like mahogany or copper.

Even if the myriads of options may overwhelm you, there’s a right side to it too. You’re going to be able to find a casket that fits your likings, needs, and budget the best way. You can find a free budget template online to help fit this into your budget.

How come caskets are rarely cheap?

As we’ve already mentioned, the materials used for casket are the main reason for the price of the casket. It’s not like you would buy some furniture. For instance, bronze caskets are a lot more expensive than stainless steel opponents.

If your mind is set on a casket made with rare hardwood (mahogany is one), you should expect to open your wallet big. To give you an idea, pine is going to cost you half the price of mahogany. Take a good look at your wallet before buying.

But it’s not only the material that impacts the price of the casket. The amount and kind of decoration are also going to increase the costs of the caskets. Don’t forget about the personalization and customization of the casket, which is only going to raise the price.

All of the mentioned aspects count for the final cost of the casket. Therefore, don’t hesitate to check the market before buying.

What about markups? Why do they count as well?

It’s a challenge to be able to find the best price for the casket. You’re going through some of the most challenging time of your life (if not the most difficult!). However, you should try your best and keep your eye on the budget when buying the casket.

When it comes to markups, the funeral homes have the highest of all, with the retails showrooms coming in close. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, the online providers are always going to provide the best offers.

You should also know that there are no rules about you having to buy a casket from a specific funeral home. Laws are protecting the clients, stating that the funeral home is obliged to accept the casket from third-party sellers. Keep that in mind when sealing the deal with a funeral home.

Side note: It’s beyond a doubt that caskets are always expensive, and not everybody has the budget for one. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options that don’t empty the wallet as much as the traditional casket would.

Is green burial and burial shrouds an alternative?

Green burials are slowly gaining popularity. Also known as “natural burials,” the green burials are eco-friendly, simple, and a lot less expensive than the traditional funeral.

The main principle for green burial is that both the body and the container are going to decompose naturally. There are no metal caskets to buy, no concrete headstones to use, and no embalming fluids either. It’s why green burials are so affordable.

Burial shrouds are also cheap and a biodegradable alternative to the traditional burial. The shrouds can be made of cotton, silk, or linens, with some being even embroidered for aesthetic reasons.

What’s to say about the wicker coffins?

More and more people choose wicker coffins since they’re very environmentally friendly. A skilled basket maker is going to handwoven the coffin, and the process makes them particular and one-of-the-kind. They’re a lot more affordable than the traditional caskets and make an excellent impression as well.

Instead of a conclusion

There are many reasons for which caskets are expensive, still. The type of material, the amount of customization, and the craftsmanship impact the final price.

When you have to buy a traditional casket, it’s entirely up to you and the deceased’s last wishes how much money you’re going to spend on the casket. It’s not only a matter of budget, but it’s also about the way you want to express your love, honor, and respect to the deceased. You can choose the simple form or the more sophisticated way.