Top 4 Tips For Dating During The Coronavirus Crisis

For future generations, 2020 will primarily be known for the outbreak of Coronavirus, originating as an ‘unknown type of pneumonia’ in Wuhan City, China, before sweeping across the globe. Although this pandemic has introduced unprecedented lockdowns and social distancing, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. When it comes to relationships during the current crisis, here are the four top tips for managing your love life against the background of the Coronavirus Crisis.

Make the most of online communication

The most obvious advantage of using the online environment is the way you can forge connections remotely. With the advent of free video chatting software, you now have the facility to engage in three-dimensional conversations. Providing your WiFi connectivity is of a decent standard, these interactions can be vivid indeed. Even when lockdown has confined singles living in separate households to a period of being marooned from one another, a meaningful and resilient liaison can be arranged as often as you wish. The technology exists for these virtual get-togethers to become even more poignant, tactile even, with virtual reality headsets programmable to stimulate erotic feelings.

Plan offline liaisons with due care

One of the cardinal rules of online dating is that these outlets are meant to provide a secure and welcoming environment. They represent a haven where like-minded individuals who would normally have developed a rapport over a series of dates can share feelings more intensely. Messaging and texting give people the confidence to be more open about their true feelings. With people resorting to virtual communication, online dating chat has positively boomed. But the ultimate goal will always be to engineer offline get-togethers in as short a time as possible. An endless cycle of texts can be counter-productive, inducing a sense of routine where you would expect singles chatting during the first flushes of romance to be exciting and spontaneous. But the pandemic has introduced a note of caution to these real-world liaisons. Normally, your choice of venue for the inaugural date would be dictated by shared tastes – the restaurant serving the type of food you both enjoy; the movie theater showing that film you enthused about during online discussion. In the current climate, you need to think very carefully before making any such arrangements.

Focus on various levels of compatibility

The present pandemic has focused attention, especially when it comes to relationships with people we don’t know that well. In the normal course of events, dating outlets offer prospective partners the chance to find out about someone’s background. Site users are encouraged to be candid about their aspirations and expectations. When you’re sifting through profiles on a matching resource, you can pay particular attention to location (does this person live in a COVID-19 hotspot, for instance?) As you are getting to know them better, find out about their medical history.

Be honest about your expectations

There is enough potential disappointment on the horizon in the middle of this Coronovirus crisis, with job uncertainty, a faltering economy, stretched health services and leisure outlets boarded up. Most of us have grown philosophical about everything, seeing the situation as a convenience everyone has to endure for the common good. When you’re dating, it would make a lot more sense to have an open mind about the long-term implications of your romance. It’s difficult to plan for the future in the face of so much uncertainty. Far better to treat your social life on a day to day basis.