Traveling Brew: Turkish Sand Coffee in Istanbul – Yes, SAND!

How coffee was made in the tradition of the desert.

Video Presentation by Alaa Starves

From FAENA aleph:

Turkish coffee is already a kind of ambassador of the world’s best coffee, or at least it is for a large number of connoisseurs. Normally, to make a good Turkish coffee it is only necessary to heat it until it begins to boil, wait for the foam to rise to the neck of the vessel (cevze) and lower the heat so that the foam dies out. This is done three or four times before the mixture is poured into a little cup and the result is an extremely tasty and strong coffee, with suspended grains that quickly sink to the bottom. It is an act of alchemy if ever there was one. But what about the sand?

In the case of Turkish sand coffee, it provides a more consistent and stable heat than the flames of a fire. Metaphorically, sand also gives the coffee an earthy spirit, even more earthy than coffee itself, the effect of which is precisely that of getting our skin closer to the earth with every sip. The world of coffee can be a beautiful one.

Published on YouTube, 07.14.2019, by Alaa Starves, republished with embed permission.



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