What Makes a Slot Machine Worthwhile

A breakdown of all the important aspects when it comes to choosing a slot machine.

Slot machines are most definitely the most popular game type that online casinos have to offer. Their popularity is down to a number of various reasons. First, they are simple to play, meaning whether you’re extremely experienced or a brand new player, it won’t be hard to find enjoyment. It provides players a great opportunity to win, as it doesn’t particularly require a certain level of skill and experience, but more so luck. It’s also a fast-paced experience and offers non-stop entertainment.

So what makes a slot machine worthwhile? Well, there are a number of factors. The game’s features, returns, and performance are all very decisive when it comes to making a slot machine good or bad. Once you are able to recognize these factors, you can start to pick and choose which games are the best for you.


Bonuses are a huge part of slot machines. They are one of the leading factors that differentiate one slot game from another. The more bonuses, the better, and the bigger the bonus, the more benefit it gives back to the player. Different bonuses will affect the game in different ways. The various types of bonuses include scatters, wilds, free spins, and progressive jackpots.

It is common to see free spins offered as a welcome bonus as well as an in-game feature. They allow players to try the game out risk-free while offering the opportunity to win prizes. Many slots are also advertised as “progressive”. Essentially, this means the prizes for these slots are progressively bigger. No one is guaranteed to win, and as the prize goes unclaimed, the jackpot gets progressively bigger. Any of the online casino Canada will likely have some sort of bonus to offer.


RTP stands for “return to player”. This is essentially what you can expect to win back every time you play on a particular slot machine. The figure is displayed as a percentage, and it stands for how much of your stake you can expect to win back over a period of time. For example, if a slot has an RTP percentage of 95%, you can expect to win back $0.95 for every $1 you wager. The higher the percentage, the more you are likely to win. The average slot machine ranges from between 90-97%.


Volatility is a way of gauging hit frequency and win sizes. There are three categories into which slot machines are divided into in terms of volatility. They are high, medium, and low. A slot with high volatility will pay out large but not so frequently. So, although you won’t constantly win, if you do, it’ll be worth the wait. A low volatility game will be the opposite, so you may win frequently, but it will be for lower amounts. Medium volatility is a level ground between the two and is often considered the best of the three.



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