What to Expect from New Gaming Consoles Xbox ‘Series X’ and PS5?

The next-generation video gaming consoles are to be launched in 2020. The avid console users are waiting to see the upgrades that the devices will be coming up with to improve the gaming experience. There is always a big fight in the gaming market, even around online slots as to who offers the best-updated console. Microsoft and Sony are burning the midnight oil to come out with the best playing device to impress the gaming enthusiasts. The PS5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series will be taking the same route as the current consoles. The new year 2020 is going to bring quite a lot of attractive and interesting gaming titles, and with the new consoles making their way, it is going to be a fun-filled year for the gamers.

Microsoft Is Looking to Ramp Up Games Library

One of the biggest setbacks that the current Xbox One suffers at the hands of PlayStation 4 is in the choice of games. There are a lot more exclusive titles that PS4 offers when compared to its counterpart. Microsoft has a tough fight in the games department this year as Sony is coming out with three exclusive titles for PS4 this season in the form of FF7 Remake, Last of Us, and Ghost of Tsushima. 

The PS4 and the Xbox One platform meet the needs of all kinds of games fans. This is why that also offers the gamblers the option to play some of the attractive casino titles on their device. The bettors can try to check out their luck playing high roller titles like blackjack, hold’em poker, and slots. The attraction of the casino themed games has driven the console makers to provide such titles in their games collection.

Microsoft is looking to make amends for poor titles collection by acquiring a lot of big studios before the ‘Series X’ launch. Obsidian and Ninja Turtles are already in their fold, and a few more will be signing the dotted lines before the next generation console arrives in the market. The trailer of Microsoft exclusive Hell Blade 2 is proof that there are more exclusives waiting in the wings for the Xbox One users.

Key Facts of PS5 vs Xbox Series 5

Both of them are next-gen consoles that are set to be released early in 2020. Both of them have more or less the same processing capabilities and could come in the price range of £450 to £550.

  • PS5 Key Specifications

PlayStation 5 will be coming with a customized version of 3rd generation AMD chipset with 8 core processor along with the new Navi graphics and Zen 2 architecture. It will be making use of the best Graphics processor units that come with performance-intensive lighting options. Another interesting thing is that the device will offer high quality and immersive 3D audio for headphone users. It will offer 8K screen resolution support and 120Hz refresh rates for smooth gaming. The SSD will be a custom one that offers top-end performance.

  • Specifications of Xbox ‘Series X’

The next-gen gaming console from Microsoft will also be going on the same lines of Sony’s device and will have a customized AMD internal processor with the Navi graphics and Zen 2 architecture. This means that ‘Series X’ will be far more powerful than its predecessor as it is equipped with top quality and impressive gaming hardware. There is no doubt that gaming will be very smooth and hassle-free. The best part is that this device too will be offering 8K video quality resolution support along with 120z refresh rates. It also will have the SSD used as the virtual RAM to make it faster and reliable to up to 40x. The standard RAM used will be the GDDR6 variant. The new device will be compatible with Xbox One supporting control accessories like headsets and pads. This means the players need don’t need to rush to buy the new supported accessories as they can use the older ones itself. Some players can stiil play free games at https://slotsfans.com/online-slots/

There is no doubt that there are a lot of things that are common in the upcoming next-generation gaming platforms from Sony and Microsoft. The PS5 will be an eco-friendly product than its competitor and the ‘Series X’ will be drawing twice the power of its predecessor and also generate more heat. But, it might be coming out as a disc-less device and hence a high–end machine that any of the other machines around. 

It is very early to find out what are the games that the players can get to play using these high-end consoles. There is no doubt that both of them will be looking to offer the best playing content for their users in order to gain the best market share.