Why Travel Has Everything To Do With The American Dream

Many people like to travel because it expands horizons, opens up new places, cultures, and develops people in many areas of life. And almost all tourists want to visit America at least once. In this article, we will give you some reasons why.

1. Beautiful nature

In terms of the diversity of landscapes, the United States occupies one of the first places in the world. There are deserts, mountains, lakes, forests (from subtropical in the south to taiga in the north), picturesque shores of the oceans, rock formations of various shapes, tundra, areas with volcanic activity and other places. This is the reason that should stand in the first place of the American dream essay. Free essays on topics about America should give you a clue why visiting this country is so interesting. Their most interesting and valuable sites are located in specially protected natural areas (the most important of them are called national parks), where the necessary infrastructure is created both for protecting nature and for tourists to access it.

2. Pleasant climate

Most of the US is warmer and the temperature difference between summer and winter is often not very sharp, especially near the ocean. Thanks to this it will be your American dreams vacation for sure. A season suitable for travel (that is, a period of time at which it is comfortable to be outdoors) lasts long. In summer you can go to the northern states, in spring and autumn (and even in winter) – to the southern.

3. Interesting modern architecture

There are a lot of beautiful and pleasant buildings in America, built mostly in the XX-XXI centuries, and outstanding engineering structures (bridges, dams, etc.). Writing assignment on this topic would be easier for you after seeing these places. At the same time, there is almost no typical development in the country. Even high-rise buildings in different cities look different, and even the central parts of large cities are filled with extremely interesting buildings of an original form, which at the same time form a rather harmonious landscape. Anyone interested in contemporary art, design, and architecture, would find the United States extremely interesting.

4. Free stuff

In America, there are many free options available to travel on a dream, thanks to a developed volunteer culture, a charity system, and state support. There are free tours of places that are significant for the history of the United States or a separate state (for example, the “Independence Hall” in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted), free tours of educational institutions that students conduct, free tours of major cities and their individual areas, held by locals. In New York, there are several free ferries from Lower Manhattan (to Governor’s Island, to Staten Island, and on weekends to the IKEA building in Brooklyn). Even if you are students and don’t have a penny of money left, in America you won’t die of starvation – in every large city, there are shelters where you can get food and shelter for free.

5. Comfortable life

America pleases with a good organization of the human environment. This can be used as a good essay examples for your studies. Toilets are common everywhere (mostly clean and free); wide and even sidewalks on all streets; there are no random car parking in cities that prevent pedestrians; it’s easy to find a power outlet and wireless Internet – they can be found in cafes, airports, on buses, and at stations; clear signs hang on the streets and in public buildings; there are necessary elements of improvement for the disabled and other people with limited mobility; in large cities, there are many bike paths and bike parks. Like Western Europe, America is pretty close to the concept of “country for people.”


Can everyone achieve the American dream? Sure! Traveling is always cool and interesting. It’s good to prepare for them, to set a route and follow it. Do not worry, if you can’t see everything in one trip, leave something for the next time. This will be a good reason to come back!