The Accelerating Universe

Lecture by Dr. Joseph Silk at the Museum of London / 03.01.2017 Homewood Professor of Physics and Astronomy Gresham College It has been called the biggest problem in physics. The universe is accelerating thanks to an infinitesimal amount of negative energy. That sounds weird, but the key revelation of Einstein is that energy has mass.[…]

The People Who Help You Die Better

A network of compassionate volunteers caring for their terminally ill neighbours is allowing more people in Kerala, India, to end their days at peace and at home. Jeremy Laurance meets the man leading the movement. By Jeremy Laurance / 02.26.2017 Thirty years ago a young anaesthetist, newly appointed as head of department at Calicut Medical College[…]

Petra: The Rose-Red City of the Nabataeans

So-called Treasury (Khazneh), Petra (Jordan), 2nd century C.E. (photo: Colin Tsoi) By Dr. Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis / 08.08.2015 Assistant Professor Liberal Studies, Graduate Center, City University of New York Governing Board, Archaeological Institute of America Introduction There is only one true way to experience Petra—the greatest city of the Nabataeans, a people who occupied the area[…]

The Historical Collections at Guildhall Library: Including the Curious Tale of 10,000 Cookery Books

  [LEFT]: The Guildhall complex in c.1805. The buildings on the left and right have not survived. / Wikimedia Commons [RIGHT]: The façade of Guildhall today. / Photo by Diego Detso, Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Peter Ross at the Museum of London / 10.24.2012 Principal Librarian Guildhall Library, London It is the intention of[…]

Neopalatial Minoa and Its Influence in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Worlds

One of the east storage magazines in the palace at Malia / Photo by Ian Swindale, By Dr. Jeremy B. Rutter Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities Dartmouth College The Beginning of the Neopalatial Period on Crete (ca. 1750/1720 B.C.?) In MM IIIA, new palaces were built at[…]