Family History: The Importance of Genealogy

Family tree photo by Herry Lawford, Creative Commons By Dr. J. David Vellman Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics New York University When I received my maternal grandfather’s birth certificate from the General Register Office in London, I found that the space for the mother’s signature had been completed in the same official hand as the[…]

In Letters from Stalin’s Labor Camps, a Window into Soviet Political Oppression

Over a period of 30 years, millions of criminals and political prisoners were sent to Soviet labor camps. Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Emily Johnson / 05.07.2017 Associate Professor of Russian University of Oklahoma In 2011, I was at the Hoover Institution Archives sifting through the papers of the Latvian poet and journalist Arsenii Formakov (1900-1983)[…]

Brain-Imaging Modern People Making Stone Age Tools Hints at Evolution of Human Intelligence

The stone flakes are flying, but what brain regions are firing? / Photo by Shelby S. Putt By Dr. Shelby S. Putt / 05.08.2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellow The Stone Age Institute and The Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology Indiana University How did humans get to be so smart, and when did[…]

25 Things Many Don’t Realize were Invented by the Ancient Greeks

Parthenon / Wikimedia Commons By Marina Spanos / 11.25.2012 Introduction Modern society always seems to put itself above the ancient societies that preceeded it, but without their inventions, we wouldn’t be what we are today, and we certainly would not have what we have today. The ancient Greek civilisation flourished for about a thousand years,[…]