Agathocles: Ancient Sicilian Tyrant of Syracuse

A gold coin from Syracuse depicting the tyrant Agathocles, 310-300 BCE. (Palazzo Blu, Pisa) / Image from Sailko, Wikimedia Commons By Mark Cartwright / 03.30.2016 Introduction Agathocles of Syracuse (c. 361 – 289 BCE) ruled as tyrant of the Sicilian city for over 25 years. Ambitious, unprincipled, and seeing himself as a new Alexander, he famously attacked Carthage in a three-year campaign and made conquests in[…]

Sicily: A Cultural Crossroads in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

Bay of Palermo, Sicily, 1963, Samuel J. Magnolia. Mural painting, about 8 1/2 x 15 ft. Photo courtesy of Rosemarie Anne Keene A cultural crossroads since ancient times, Sicily took on a truly international character in the Middle Ages. By Dr. Bryan C. Keene / 05.30.2014 Adjunct Professor of Art History Pepperdine University My interest in art[…]