10 Tips to Bring Personality Into Your Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a popular place of gathering for a wide range of consumers. Whether it be the freelancer typing away in the corner on their laptop or the group of girlfriends catching up on their week, coffee shops do so much more than provide people with coffee; they provide solace.
What better way to do that than with a beautifully designed space? If you are interested in opening your coffee shop or are looking to vamp up your existing one, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find ten tips to bring personality into your coffee shop.

1. Identify Your Brand and Mission

Ideally, you will have both your brand and mission determined before opening your shop, but if not, better late than never. Having a strong brand will provide you, your staff, and your patrons with the experience they truly desire. In turn, you will want to make sure that the décor of your space is not just in line but also enhances both your brand and mission.

2. Develop a Theme

Having a theme in mind that matches your brand and mission will make the decorating process more manageable. Creating a vision board that includes colors, furniture pieces, and inspirations is an excellent way to get an idea of your theme. Once you have your theme, you can move on to selecting specific items in your coffee shop.

3. Pick a Color Palette

Once you have created your theme for your coffee shop, next to follow would be your color palette. While this one can become challenging since there are so many color options available, you can start narrowing it down by deciding between warm and cold tones first.

Remember that everything you choose does not have to match the colors you have chosen, but rather fit the palette. Palettes give you a little more creative freedom in your design choices.

4. Opt for Natural Lighting

No matter your theme, you always want to choose the most natural lighting options available as long as you can allow as much natural lighting to enter your space through windows, doors, etc. If you require additional lighting, try to decide whether you will choose cooler or warmer tones and stick to those throughout your shop.

5. Make it Instagram Worthy

Who doesn’t love a good backdrop for the gram? Your patrons are no different. Give them a reason to post about your coffee shop. Create a wall or space for them to capture their precious moments, showcasing your beautifully designed space. Create menu items that wow your guests. The best part of it? Free marketing for you!

6. Create Conversational Seating

You want to ensure your space is warm and invites your patrons to stay for a while. Part of the coffee shops’ appeal is that they feel like a home away from home type of space. Adding a comfy sofa into your space tells people to grab a cup of coffee and get cozy.

It might be a little tough imagining putting a huge upholstered piece like a couch into your public space, but there are ways to do it that make sense. These Lovesac sofa reviews show that this brand has artistically created durable options perfect for livening up your space.

7. Display Your Products Proudly

Ensure that the color, design, and style of your table and flatware match the aesthetic you are going for in your coffee shop. It seems simple but not a detail you want to overlook. Think about the difference between modern and eclectic and how that would look in terms of a mug.

8. Support Local Artists

Since you will need to have art to fill your walls and dead space in your shop, it is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of supporting local artists. Everyone loves to see small businesses supported, and local artists even more so. You can find art pieces that stay true to your brand while supporting a great cause.

9. Hand-Select Books and Magazines

Think of what you do at home when enjoying a cup of coffee. You’re likely to pick up a magazine or a book nearby and flip through it. Since you want to make sure your space feels like home to your patrons, make sure you have these options readily available to them. Be sure to keep on brand when making your selection.

10. Craft the Perfectly Curated Playlist

Last but not least; the perfect playlist. The finishing touch on any successful coffee shop is the music they decide to play. Whether you opt for live music, playlist, or radio, make sure you think about who the audience will be. You might want to change up your music from day to night or even seasonally.

Personalize Your Coffee Shop

Whether this is your first rodeo or not, understanding the importance of uniqueness in your coffee shop is what will inevitably set you apart from your competitors. Following these ten tips to bring personality into your coffee shop will undoubtedly get your space to life and have you be the talk of the town in no time.



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