Author of ‘The New Jim Crow’: Hillary Clinton doesn’t Deserve the Support of Black Voters

Michelle Alexander From Sari Horowitz at The Washington Post: Michelle Alexander, the author of an acclaimed book on mass incarceration, said Wednesday that African American voters should not support Hillary Clinton because of policies that former president Bill Clinton enacted and she supported that were detrimental to black communities. In an essay in The Nation,[…]

How Dark Money Boomeranged on the GOP

Mitt Romney greets audience members during his 2012 presidential campaign at the airport in Lynchburg, Virginia November 5, 2012. There was so much money sloshing around in the 2012 Republican primary that the presumptive nominee, Romney, couldn’t narrow the field until late May. / Brian Snyder, Reuters From Kurt Eichenwald at Newsweek / 03.08.2016: When[…]

Russia Plans to Fine Websites for ‘Propaganda’ of Circumvention Tools

The Kremlin is so worried about internet circumvention tools it now seeks to make mere mentions of them illegal. Image edited by Tetyana Lokot. Tor. VPNs. Website mirroring. The mere mention of these and other online tools for circumventing censorship could soon become “propaganda” under proposed amendments to Russian law. Russian state media regulator Roscomnadzor[…]

Lawmakers Call For Resignations Over Flint: ‘I’ve Had Enough Of Your Phony Apologies’

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder At the congressional hearing, Environmental Protection Agency Chief Gina McCarthy was defiant against challenges that her agency did not do enough, and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, while apologetic, said the blame doesn’t fall completely on him. The Washington Post: EPA’S McCarthy Stands Up To Claims Her Agency Is Responsible For Flint[…]