Glenn Beck Blasts Baylor Professor for Not Agreeing Ted Cruz is ‘Anointed by God’ (VIDEO)

Beck apparently only takes serious scholarly advice, like from David Barton (insert heavy eye roll here) 03/26/2016: Right-wing nutjob Glenn Beck is doubling down on his proclamations that Republican candidate Ted Cruz has been “anointed by God” to run for president and save the Constitution from the dark forces at work in these perilous times.[…]

Chief Rabbi – Non-Jews Forbidden from Living in Land of Israel Unless Servants, but Can for Now

Israel’s Chief Sephardi Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef / Lior Mizrahi 03/27/2016: There has been a consistent thread in Zionism that has called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for over 100 years, and this thread has dominated both secular and religious Zionists on the grounds of creating and maintaining a majority Jewish state. Theodore Herzl, an[…]

No, Todd Starnes, American Christians Don’t Need Ted Cruz in Order to Sleep Soundly at Night

Dear Todd Starnes: You certainly do have chutzpah. That is the nicest thing that I can say about your recent screed in which you link the survival of Christianity in America to a Cruz presidency. Here is what you say about Ted Cruz’s so-called “religious liberty council”: “It’s a faith-based Justice League. And if Cruz[…]

Saudi Journalist Sentenced to Prison for ‘Insulting’ Speech

Saudi Journalist Alaa Brinji / AP By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.27.2016: According to Amnesty International, Saudi Arabian journalist Alaa Brinji was sentenced to fiver years in prison along with receiving an eight-year travel ban due to a series of Tweets in support of human rights. Brinji was convicted of ‘insulting Saudi rulers’, ‘inciting public[…]

When was ‘Ancient History’?

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.27.2016 An Overview I recently posted an article covering the why of studying ancient history, and here go to the when.  What time period does this ambiguous phrase cover? Well, it’s an ever-evolving idea. During the medieval era and into the Renaissance (and later), the Earth was thought to be[…]

California Reaches Deal to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Numerous statewide polls have suggested voters would approve a minimum wage proposal—perhaps even a more sweeping version—if given the chance. Protesters carry signs for higher wages in the parking lot at a McDonalds in South Los Angeles in 2015. (Photo: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times) Hoping to avoid a costly ballot fight, California lawmakers[…]

Humanizing the Heroin Epidemic: A Photo Essay

By Aaron Goodman Faculty, Journalism and Communication Studies Kwantlen Polytech University For over a year, I’ve been documenting the lives of three long-term drug users – Marie, Cheryl and Johnny – who are participating in Vancouver’s heroin-assisted clinical study and program. In recent years, heroin use in North America has exploded into an “epidemic.” At[…]