The Future of Libraries is Bigger than Books

Modern libraries are essential in underserved communities as places where everyone is welcome to gather, work, borrow materials, or just spend time. By Cat Johnson / 04.16.2016 On the day after Christmas in 2009, released a statement that their Kindle e-reader had become the most gifted item in the company’s history. That holiday season[…]

Poem – Meeting My Younger Self

Bina Gupta / 03.10.2016 Reacquainting With my younger self I looked at ‘her’ face Full of rampant Curiosity Then In a withering tone Asked “You whose head stayed Buried in books twenty four Seven when not running wildly Outdoors….has fate met All those secretly nourished desires you’d romantically Purloined from your Romantic, witty heroines? She[…]

Coffee: How It Stacks Up Against Water

Coffee-drinkers worried about how much water they consume in a day can breathe a sigh of relief. Photo: ? Borislav Zhuykov/Westend61/Corbis From Heidi Mitchell at the Wall Street Journal: The conventional wisdom says that healthy people should drink about 8 cups of water a day. But does coffee count toward that water intake? One expert,[…]

Healthier Buildings

HVAC ventilation exhaust for a 12-story building Building healthier structures for their occupants is a cornerstone of green building design, but isn’t talked about much. By Kerry Freek / 04.14.2016 Green buildings are attractive to owners for a few reasons. They’re great for reducing one’s carbon footprint and improving public relations, but they also offer[…]

Critical Reflections on Digital Public Archaeology

Discussions among the students of UC Berkeley Anthro 136e Summer 2011 course at El Presidio de San Francisco National Park about the uses of digital technology in Archaeology – ©2011 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley CA. Creative Commons (NOTE: This lead image was not included with the original article).     By Chiara Bonacchi and Gabriel[…]

Why Collecting History Online is Web 1.5

Creative Commons     By Sheila A. Brennan and T. Mills Kelly Professors of History and Art History George Mason University It seems like only yesterday that we were transitioning from the first-generation, read-only web to the “read-write web” of Web 2.0, that fosters community and collaboration where users participate in online content creation. But does[…]

Two Male Lions Photographed ‘Mating’

Portrait of a male lion basking in the sun on a rocky outcrop in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (not part of photos) / Wikimedia Commons By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.17.2016 Photographer Nicole Cambré caught two male lions “mating” on a recent photo shoot in Botswana. Same-sex relations, even long-term and monogamous, have long[…]

In Just Seven Years, It Became Ok For American Academics To Openly Criticize Israel – FINALLY

Students tape their mouths shut in support for Steve Salaita, a professor who lost a job offer from the University of Illinois over dozens of Twitter messages critical of Israel. during a rally at the University of Illinois campus Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, in Champaign Ill. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman) In 2007, it was professional suicide[…]