Strength in Love, Hope in Science

“It felt like a sabbatical from my normal life to get up to speed on science,” says Harvard Ph.D. student Sonia Vallabh of her research on prion disease. Vallabh and her husband, fellow Harvard Division of Medical Sciences student Eric Minikel, both changed careers to focus on prion research after the disease proved fatal for[…]

Azerbaijan’s Hunger Games: Independent Media on the Brink

Meydan TV homepage. Screenshot taken on April 24. By Arzu Geybullayeva / 04.24.2016 A strategically-placed oil-producing state in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan hosted the European Games last year, and despite some of the worst authoritarianism in the ex-Soviet region retains healthy relations with the West. But for what remains of its independent press and beleaguered opposition, life in the country is[…]

Newly Restored 3,000-Year-Old Gold Breastplate from Huge Thracian Necropolis in Western Bulgaria Displayed for First Time

The newly restored Ancient Thracian golden breastplate discovered in the 1st millennium BC necropolis near Bulgaria’s Dren and Delyan during the rescue excavations in 2012 has never been shown before. Photo: Pernik Municipality By Ivan Dikov / 04.22.2016 Archaeology in Bulgaria A newly restored golden breastplate and some 500 other artifacts, mostly adornments and jewels,[…]

Understanding Archaeological Authority in a Digital Context

Creative Commons / Jason Baird Jackson (NOTE: Image not included in original article.) By Lorna Richardson PhD Candidate UCL Center for Digital Humanities Originally published in Internet Archaeology as Richardson, L-J. (2014). Understanding Archaeological Authority in a Digital Context, Internet Archaeology 38. Summary “…with the increasing spread of social media and mobile communication, the social networks[…]

What Is Life?

© Adam Batchelor If we met new life – on this planet or the next – would we know it when we saw it? Matthew Francis investigates. By Matthew Francis “Why would NASA want to study a lake in Canada?” Three different border guards asked me variations on that question, and while they ultimately let[…]

Fox’s Chris Wallace Dispels Myth that Predators Will Pose as Transgendered People with Pesky Facts (VIDEO)

By Stephen D. Foster, Jr. / 04.24.2016 A Fox host actually debunked a conservative talking point by doing what a real journalist does best: research. An anti-LGBT conservative columnist appeared on Fox News Sunday to defend anti-LGBT laws that ban transgender people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Ben Domenech argued[…]