Hitler and Nationalism: Donald Trump’s Speech Triggers Alarm Bells

Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination for president on July 21, 2016. (Photo: Disney/ABC Television Group/flickr/cc) Trump’s speech ultimately “signaled his determination to exploit fears of violence as part of crusade to seize the White House.” By Nadia Prupis / 07.22.2016 It’s official. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. Reactions abounded late Thursday[…]

Discovering Rousseau’s Ecological Art

Felling Trees on the Ile de Croissy (Massacre of the Innocents), 1847, Théodore Rousseau. Oil on canvas, 37 3/8 × 57 11/16 in. The Mesdag Collection, The Hague “The tree that rustles and the heather that grows is for me a grand history, that which will not change; if I speak their dialect well, I[…]

Is Your Nervous System a Democracy or Dictatorship when Controlling Your Behavior?

Who’s making the decisions around here? White House (Pete Souza) By Dr. Ari Berkowitz / 07.21.2016 Professor of Biology Oklahoma University How does the architecture of our brain and neurons allow each of us to make individual behavioral choices? Scientists have long used the metaphor of government to explain how they think nervous systems are[…]