Neil Gaimon’s Nonfiction: What Makes Everything So Great

The View from the Cheap Seats, Neil Gaiman’s mammoth collection of nonfiction essays, introductions, and speeches, is a remarkable explanatory volume in which Gaiman explains not just why he loves the things he loves, but also what makes them great. When I started reading about behavioral economics, one experiment in particular made a profound impact[…]

Positive Abundance: When Less is Plenty

Ocean rock pool at Yamba beach with waves breaking over By Dr. Timothy Rayner Former Professor of Philosophy University of Sydney Writer/Author Philosophy for Change A good friend of mine, Gina, recently moved from Sydney to Yamba, on the northern New South Wales coast. Gina had been working as a project manager for a US-Australian[…]

Trump’s Bannon Bomb

Nagasaki a-bomb by Charles Levy from one of the B-29 Superfortresses used in the attack. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons By E.J. Dionne, Jr. / 08.17.2016 Washington Post Columnist If you thought the old Donald Trump campaign was wild and crazy, just wait for the new Trump campaign now that Breitbart’s Steve Bannon has taken[…]

Hydrothermal Vent Hypothesis on Abiogenesis (Origin of Life)

NOAA Photo Library/Flickr By Dr. Arunas L. Radzvilavicius / 08.15.2016 Theoretical Biologist University College London For nearly nine decades, science’s favorite explanation for the origin of life has been the “primordial soup”. This is the idea that life began from a series of chemical reactions in a warm pond on Earth’s surface, triggered by an[…]

Will Establishment Republicans Dump Trump and Back Gary Johnson?

Image Source: DonkeyHotey, Flickr, Creative Commons As Trump Creates Controversy, Republicans Weigh Their Options 08.11.2016 The “Never Trump” Movement and other disaffected Republicans reportedly believe this will be the week that George Bush Sr, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney as well as other mainstream Republicans endorse Libertarian Gary Johnson and running-mate William Weld, according to The[…]