The Olympics Go Medieval

Competitive sports were alive and well in the Middle Ages. Which would be Olympic sports? This curator imagines. By Elizabeth Morrison / 08.18.2016 With the Olympics being avidly watched over the past couple of weeks, there may be some curiosity about what elite sports were like in the time between the original Greek games and[…]

Donald Trump is No Ronald Reagan

By Dr. Ronald L. Feinman / 08.14.2016 Adjunct Professor of History Florida Atlantic University A major discussion has developed in political circles in which there is an illusion that Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is a reprisal of President Ronald Reagan. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some Republicans love to say that Ronald[…]

Disasters and Kids – How to Help Them Recover

Residents are rescued in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, August 15, 2016. Jonathan Bachman/Reuters By Dr. Betty Lai / 08.15.2016 Assistant Professor of Public Health Georgia State University Louisiana’s historic floods have killed at least eight people. As many as 20,000 others have been rescued and thousands have been forced into shelters. Disasters, whether natural, like hurricanes[…]

We Rise by Lifting Others

By Azriel Reshel / 08.19.2016 The Incredible Power of Giving I used to visit a woman who wore a mask. She was from Liverpool, a starkly witty, funny, irreverent and vibrant elderly lady, who just happened to have cancer. The illness had attacked her right eye, claiming it along with half her face. I was[…]

The Monster Named Donald Trump

By David Robertson / 08.20.2016 The monster create by Victor Frankenstein is legendary. The political monster named Donald Trump is certain to be a legend. Anticipating that Trump will lose in November, Kevin D. Williamson has something to say about those who enabled Trump’s candidacy: “It’s too early to begin the bloody and tearful recriminations[…]