Hateful Arizona Pastor Deported From Botswana After Saying Gays Should Be ‘Stoned to Death’ (VIDEO)

By John Prager / 09.20.2016 Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just kick bigots out of our country? Well, that’s exactly what happened when anti-gay Arizona pastor Stephen Anderson stopped by Botswana for a visit and decided to preach hate. Anderson’s road to Botswana was an eventful one, with the United Kingdom banning him from so[…]

A Mom’s Plea for Library Books Brought in 15,000—And Transformed Her Small Town

Margaret Garcia sorts books for shelving in the new Indian Valley Library Collective. Photo by Jane Braxton Little. Lit lovers from all over the country—including authors Sherman Alexie and Neil Gaiman—sent books to reopen the rural school library. By Jane Braxton Little / 09.19.2016 Books change lives. Everyone reading this knows that. But what about[…]

In Negotiations With Feds, Can Standing Rock Change U.S.-Tribe Relationships?

On horseback at Standing Rock protest site. Photo by Daniella Zalcman. The Department of Justice promised to consider nationwide reform in how the U.S. treats tribal land. Legal experts consider what, exactly, that might look like. By Tristan Ahtone / 09.16.2016 A week after the Obama administration’s intervention on behalf of the Standing Rock Sioux,[…]

The Case Against Empathy

By Derek Beres / 09.20.2016 What You May Not Know About Empathy It’s hard to imagine empathy being anything but beneficial. It has become one of the most championed mental states in the neuroscience age: the ability to feel what someone else is feeling and, if all goes well, extend a hand altruistically or compassionately.[…]