Banned Books Weeks: September 25 – October 1, Fighting for the Freedom to Read

From the Banned Books Week Coalition: The Banned Books Week Coalition is a national alliance of diverse organizations joined by a commitment to increase awareness of the annual celebration of the freedom to read. The Coalition seeks to engage various communities and inspire participation in Banned Books Week through education, advocacy, and the creation of[…]

This Man Turned an Opium Field into a Sustainable Coffee Farm in Thailand

By Todd Reubold / 08.04.2016 Somsak Sriphumthong is on a caffeine-fueled mission. After years living and working abroad, the organic farmer and community leader returned to his native Thailand several years ago — during a time when the forests were being cleared for opium fields and rice plantations. Seeking a sustainable alternative, he started growing[…]

It’s All About that Roast

Roasting Coffee Let’s talk about the amazing process of roasting coffee beans, shall we? You see, coffee beans aren’t really coffee, as we know it until they are roasted. The make-up of the bean is the same, from its unique qualities to its caffeine content, but the flavor you taste in the cup isn’t available[…]

Custer’s First Last Stand

Edgar Samuel Paxson’s depiction of the Battle of Little Bighorn By Jim Stempel / 09.25.2016 George Armstrong Custer Almost every American school kid is familiar with the story of Custer’s Last Stand, that infamous day in June, 1876 when George Armstrong Custer divided his cavalry force into three parts, then foolishly led one of those[…]

Designing and Deploying a Fleet of Autonomous Boats on the Canals of Amsterdam

Photo courtesy of AMS. By MIT News / 09.20.2016 MIT has signed an agreement to engage in research collaborations with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) in the Netherlands. The collaboration’s flagship project, led by researchers from multiple departments at MIT, will be to develop a fleet of autonomous boats for the city’s[…]

More Bigotry from the Trump Brigade

By Dana Milbank / 09.24.2016 Donald Trump supporters may be passionate, but they’re a bit irony-challenged. In the days since I wrote that Hillary Clinton wasn’t necessarily wrong to say that half of Trump’s supporters are racists and other “deplorables,” the response has been, well, deplorable. A sampling of the thousands of emails and social[…]

The French Revolution: A Basic History

Club of patriotic women in a church during the Revolution / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Antony Lentin Professor of History Wolfson College Cambridge Introduction The French Revolution accelerated intellectual, cultural and psychological change, and opened up new horizons and possibilities. In fact, while much controversy and scepticism remain as to the real extent of underlying[…]