Using a Siphon Coffee Maker

By Mark Prince You may have never heard of siphon coffee making. Then again, you may have read about it in the New York Times and thought it was some $20,000 gizmo used by crazy coffee nerds in San Francisco. You may have heard of it under a plethora of other names – vacpots, vacuum[…]

Standing Rock Joins the World’s Indigenous Fighting For Land and Life

Military-style troops confronted Dakota Access water defenders recently, underscoring the common narrative U.S. tribes share with the world’s Indigenous Peoples. By Jenni Monet / 09.30.2016 When opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline galvanized the support of hundreds of U.S. tribes, it became an unprecedented show of Indian Country unity and resolve. Now, it’s a global[…]

The Influence of Nietzsche

By Dr. Paul Brians Emeritus Professor English Washington State University Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was notoriously unread and uninfluential during his own lifetime, and his works suffered considerable distortion in the hands of his sister Elisabeth, who managed his literary estate and twisted his philosophy into a set of ideas supporting Hitler and Nazism (Hitler had[…]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Begins Next Mars Chapter

This September 2016 self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at the “Quela” drilling location in the scenic “Murray Buttes” area on lower Mount Sharp. The panorama was stitched together from multiple images taken by the MAHLI camera at the end of the rover’s arm. / Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 10.03.2016 After collecting drilled rock[…]

Another GOP/Bush Admin Defection to Hillary – And This One Tried to Prosecute Her Once

Former G.W. Bush Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff By April Hamlin / 10.04.2016 In a surprising twist, former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that he will be throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump. Chertoff’s endorsement isn’t shocking just because of his work with President George W. Bush’s administration or because[…]

The Medieval Chastity Belt – Myth or Reality? By Albrecht Classen The Medieval Chastity Belt:  A Myth-Making Process / Albrecht Classen Why would any serious medievalist turn his/her attention to this most spurious object, the medieval chastity belt, and examine its alleged reality and dissemination all over the world? Most people, both within the academia and outside, tend to chuckle when they[…]

Harnessing the Possibilities of the Nanoworld

Scientists have long suspected that the way materials behave on the nanoscale – that is when particles have dimensions of about 1–100 nanometres – is different from how they behave on any other scale. A new paper in the journal Chemical Science provides concrete proof that this is the case.  09.29.2016 The laws of thermodynamics govern[…]

Odd States of Matter: How Three British Theorists Scooped the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics

The Nobel Committee making the announcement. TT news agency/EPA By Dr. Stephen Clark / 10.04.2016 Lecturer in Physics University of Bath The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2016 has been awarded to three British scientists working in the US for their theoretical work explaining strange states of matter, including superconductors, superfluids and thin magnetic films.[…]