We Never Voted for Corporate Rule

By David Korten / 10.19.2016 In this most bizarre of presidential elections, no one is talking about one of the biggest—if not the biggest—issues of our time. Namely, the global power imbalance between corporations and governments. Not Donald Trump, as he obsesses over the weight of a long-past Miss Universe. Not Hillary Clinton, despite her[…]

Why It’s Your Job to Get a Flu Shot – and Call in Sick if You Do Get the Flu

Stay home if you get the flu / Shutterstock By Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert / 10.23.2016 Commissioner of Health, Fellows Ambassador New York Academy of Science, Distinguished Lecturer in Epistemology and Community Medicine, New York Medical College Assistant Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center Seasonal influenza is a major global health concern. Worldwide, annual[…]

Kellyanne Conway Didn’t REALLY Mean Trump was a Whining Loser When She Said So (VIDEO)

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway on State of the Union with Jake Tapper By J. M. Landers 10.23.2016 On any particular day you can find Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on CNN denying reality. The system is rigged and her candidate didn’t really threaten to contest the legitimacy of American democracy and the polls are[…]