Ancient Egyptian Government

4th or 5th Dynasty of Egypt, c. 2600 – 2350 BCE, from Saqqara, on display in the Louvre, Paris. / Photo by Mindy McAdams By Joshua J. Mark / 10.13.2016 The government of ancient Egypt was a theocratic monarchy as the king ruled by a mandate from the gods, initially was seen as an intermediary between human[…]

Langston Hughes, Renaissance Man

Born: February 1, 1902 Died: May 22, 1967 Langston Hughes was one of the most important writers and thinkers of the Harlem Renaissance, which was the African American artistic movement in the 1920s that celebrated black life and culture. Hughes’s creative genius was influenced by his life in New York City’s Harlem, a primarily African[…]

Origins of the Electoral College

Roman Comitia Centuriata / Wikimedia Commons The process was never intended to be democratic. The first presidents were appointed by elites, not elected by the masses. Not until 1820s, with the rise of Andrew Jackson, did popular voting have a role in the selection of presidents. By Dr. Randall G. Holcombe Devoe Moore Professor of[…]

Four Steps to Feeling Better about Yourself

Flickr/jamiesrabbit / Creative Commons Self-criticism and low self-worth can hold us back. Here’s how to start banishing those negative beliefs. By Tchiki Davis / 10.19.2016 What gives you a sense of self-worth? Data from my well-being survey recently revealed that positive self-views (or feeling good about oneself, a general belief that we are good, worthwhile[…]

The Ins and Outs of American Government: It’s Inspiration, Formulation, and Operation

Photo By: Phil Roeder / Creative Commons Introduction Is government to be feared or loved? Thomas Hobbes set out to discover that in his book Leviathan, which spawned this famous title page that depicts government as a giant towering over the land. Is the king protecting or threatening his country? Do you believe in government[…]

Electoral Map Gives Clinton Wiggle Room, Leaves Trump No Space

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 10.27.2016 Editor-in-Chief, Brewminate As the presidential race enters its last twelve days and early voting has begun, the polls are separating the candidates into their holds and swings as the Electoral map gives more predictive ability. There are currently five swing-states:  Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio.  The map,[…]

Richard Hakluyt and Early English Travel

Colour version of Abraham Ortelius’ Typus Orbis Terrarum, a map inserted into the first edition of Richard Hakluyt’s The Principal Navigations (1589) / Wikimedia Commons The Principle Navigations, Richard Hakluyt’s great championing of Elizabethan colonial exploration, remains one of the most important collections of English travel writing ever published. As well as the escapades of[…]

What is the Secret to Success?

Who succeeds will depend not on intentions alone. Gettysburg College   By Dr. Melissa J. Ferguson and Dr. Clayton R. Critcher / 10.26.2016 Ferguson – Professor of Psychology, Cornell University Critcher – Associate Professor of Marketing, Cognitive Science & Psychology, University of California, Berkeley At hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, thousands of[…]

Amidst Law Enforcement Crackdown, DAPL Company Warns Standing Rock Sioux: Get Out, Or Else

Demonstrators hold signs during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 25, 2016. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/flickr/cc) ‘Militarized’ police forces have taken steps ‘to escalate tensions and promote fear’ By Andrea Germanos / 10.26.2016 To the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies who stepped up their resistance this weekend with a[…]

Four-Year-Old Russian Girl Speaks Seven Different Languages, Stuns the World

Bella Devyatkina 10.24.2016 At first glance, Bella Devyatkina, from Moscow, Russia, is your typical carefree, playful four-year-old, but ask her a question in Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Arabic, and you will be shocked by her articulate response. Bella made headlines in Russia a few days ago, when she appeared on a TV talent show, where[…]

The Civil Rights Movement in the Photographs of Charles Brittin

Activists picketing at a demonstration for housing equality while uniformed American Nazi Party members counter-protest in the background with signs displaying anti-integration slogans and racist epithets, Los Angeles, 1963, Charles Brittin. The Getty Research Institute, 2015.M.11. © J. Paul Getty Trust The photographs of Charles Brittin reveal the struggle for civil rights in Los Angeles[…]