Giovanni di Paolo’s Shimmering Worlds on Parchment and Panel

Installation view of The Shimmer of Gold: Giovanni di Paolo in Renaissance Siena at the Getty Center. Pictured: Branchini Madonna from the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena (foreground left); The Virgin and Child with Saints and The Annunciation from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (rear left); predella panels from the Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena, and[…]

Portland ‘Adulting’ School Teaches Millennials How to Be Functional Grownups

11.29.2016 Photos: The Adulting School/Facebook Millennials (people born between the early 80’s to the mid 90’s) are often labeled as lazy, spoiled and unable to act mature enough to handle adulthood, but a new ‘adulting’ school in Portland, Maine, is trying to change things by teaching millennials the skills required to function as real adults. Unless[…]

Tsujigiri: A Ghastly Samurai Practice

By Mark Frauenfelder / 11.28.2016 Tsujigiri is the Japanese word for lopping off an innocent person’s head with a sword. My wife, Carla Sinclair, wrote about the origins of this grisly practice in her article for Tofugu. The reasons for tsujigiri varied, but usually the swordsman slashed at an unsuspecting victim to try out his[…]

The Future of Electronics is Light

A basic design of a light-based chip. Arnab Hazari, Author provided By Arnab Hazari / 11.28.2016 PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering University of Michigan For the past four decades, the electronics industry has been driven by what is called “Moore’s Law,” which is not a law but more an axiom or observation. Effectively, it suggests[…]

Cornering Trump on Jobs, Sanders Announces Anti-Outsourcing Bill

Sanders’ legislation, the Outsourcing Prevention Act, would prevent companies sending jobs overseas from receiving federal contracts, tax breaks, or other financial assistance. (Photo: Lorie Shaull/flickr/cc) ‘We need to send a very loud and very clear message to corporate America: the era of outsourcing is over’ By Nadia Prupis / 11.28.2016 Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has[…]