The Origins of ‘A Christmas Carol’ (with Video)

Professor John Sutherland considers how Dickens’s A Christmas Carol engages with Victorian attitudes towards poverty, labour and the Christmas spirit. By Dr. John Sutherland / 03.14.2014 Emeritus Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature University College London Prince Albert – the newly installed husband of Queen Victoria – is popularly associated with institutionalising the British[…]

Archaeologies of Hair: The Head and Its Grooming from Ancient to Contemporary Societies

Livia (58 BCE – 29 CE), wife of Augustus 12.06.2016 Archaeologies of Hair: An Introduction By Dr. Steven P. Ashby Senior Lecturer in Archaeology University of York Originally published in Internet Archaeology as Ashby, S.P. (ed) (2016) Archaeologies of Hair: the head and its grooming in ancient and contemporary societies, Internet Archaeology 42. Introduction This[…]

Putin Is Doing to Aleppo What He Did to Grozny: Flatten the Place

By Dr. Brian Glyn Williams / 12.15.2016 Professor of Islamic History University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth In case you didn’t get the memo, Russian fighter jets are back and operating in the skies above the Middle East in numbers not seen since Syria and Egypt’s Russian-built Mig 21s sparred with Israeli Air Force F-4 Phantoms over the[…]

Classical Drama and Society: Writing and the Stage in the Graeco-Roman World

Reconstruction of the Theatre of Dionysus / Utah State University, Creative Commons By Dr. Mark Damen Professor of Classical Studies Utah State University The Origins of Western Theatre Theatre and History:  An Introduction The study of classical drama is a sub-field of theatre history which is, in turn, a branch of history. As such, it[…]

Rites of Passage

Male and Female Poro Altar Figures (Ndeo), 19th–mid-20th century, Senufo peoples, Korhogo region, Bandama River region, Côte d’Ivoire, wood, pigment, 60.2 x 14 x 11.8cm (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) By Dr. Christa Clarke / 12.17.2016 Senior Curator, Arts of Africa and the Americas Newark Museum In many African societies, art plays an important role[…]

Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomist

From the new book: Leonardo’s exploded view of the muscles and tendons of the soles of the foot (recto), with anatomical notations and art historical commentary (verso) By Annelisa Stephan Research Specialist Leonardo da Vinci worked for 25 years on a complete guide to the human form that would have transformed the study of anatomy[…]

Inspiring Paraplegic Athlete Climbs 500-Meter High Mountain in His Wheelchair

\ 12.16.2016 On December 9th, 2011, champion rock-climber Lai Chi-wai suffered a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the waste down. On the same day, five years later, he climbed Hong Kong’s iconic Lion Rock once again, this time in a wheelchair. 33-year-old Lai Chi-wai is a four-time winner of the Asian Rock Climbing Championships, but[…]

Six Important Questions about the Trump-Russia Connection

By Dick Polman / 12.16.2016 The latest intelligence revelations about Russia’s cyberpush for Donald Trump are so persuasive that even congressional Republican leaders have been compelled to take notice. There will indeed be investigations and hearings, in both chambers. It appears, for now anyway, that they actually view this unprecedented national security breach as nearly[…]

Proper Activity, Preference, and the Meaning of Life – In Search of a Definition

By Dr. Lucas J. Mix / 12.04.2014 Theoretical Biologist Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Harvard University Abstract Both popular and scientific definitions of life must account for the possibility of the sub-optimal operation of some function. Identifying the function in question and the criteria for optimality will be necessary steps in crafting a definition[…]