The Strangest Battle of the Second World War

Schloss Itter (Itter Castle) in July 1979. / Photo by S.J. Morgan, Wikimedia Commons International History Blog / 02.28.2015 On the 5th of May 1945, five days after the suicide of Adolf Hitler, the usually serene Castle Itter in the Austrian countryside was the site of what may possibly be the strangest battle of the[…]

Architecture from the Ancient to Medieval Worlds: Culture and Space

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt / Begun c.2560 BCE, Fourth Dynasty By Dr. Mark Damen / 07.25.2015 Professor of Ancient Drama, Ancient History, Latin and Greek Languages Utah State University Introduction: Architecture and Religion Be it a house or a palace, library, temple or fortress, to historians there’s no place like home, because few things last[…]

A Coffee Cupping Glossary

Cupping takes place at many steps along the journey from crop to cup, in both the producing and consuming countries. To standardise the findings from these cupping sessions the following terms are used to describe the characteristics of the coffee. However you do not have to be a professional coffee taster to try and identify[…]

John Locke: Equality, Freedom, Property, and the Right to Dissent

Oil painting portrait of John Locke / Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Iván Szelényi / 09.10.2008 Professor Emeritus of Sociology Yale University Locke in a Historical Context   Left: Charles II, by John Michael Wright  c.1660–1665 / National Portrait Gallery, London Right: A 1656 Samuel Cooper portrait of Oliver Cromwell / National Portrait Gallery, London[…]

Trump is Trying to Ride Two Horses

Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Warsaw, Poland on Jan. 11, 2017. AP Photo/Alik Keplicz By Dr. Brian Porter-Szücs / 01.18.2017 Professor of History University of Michigan When comparing Europe and America, we frequently overlook differences that hide inside similarities. There is no doubt that President-elect Donald Trump is surfing the same wave as European authoritarian nationalists like[…]

The Vases of Sir John Beazley

Athenian black-gloss drinking cup (bolsal), about 400 B.C. Terracotta, 11 in. diam. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2016.79.1, Gift of Constance Jordan Two seemingly humble black-gloss vases trace a connection to Sir John Beazley, the great British scholar of ancient Greek pottery By David Saunders / 01.18.2017 Curator, Department of Antiquities J. Paul Getty Museum[…]