The Ring of Gyges: Morality and Hypocrisy

J.R.R. Tolkien, professor of Anglo-Saxon studies at Oxford University, was asked to do etymology research on an ancient Roman ring found in English the countryside—where the Roman Empire once extended—which was found in the 16th century. Lecture by Dr. Tamar Szabó Gendler / 01.14.2011 Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy; Professor of Psychology and Cognitive[…]

A Young Man’s Mummy Offers Clues to Cultural Exchange and Technology in Roman-Ruled Egypt

Side view of Herakleides in his current location in Getty Villa Gallery 206, Arts of Greco-Roman Egypt One of the Getty Villa’s most fascinating objects, a 2,000-year-old mummy, continues his journey. By Marie Svoboda / 01.24.2017 Assistant Curator, Department of Antiquities Conservation J. Paul Getty Museum At the Getty Villa we have an important resident[…]

Far Beyond Crime-Ridden Depravity, Darknets are Key Strongholds of Freedom of Expression Online

By Dr. Roderick S. Graham / 01.25.2017 Associate Professor of Sociology Old Dominion University The internet is much more than just the publicly available, Google-able web services most online users frequent – and that’s good for free expression. Companies frequently create private networks to enable employees to use secure corporate servers, for example. And free[…]

Crisis of the Carolingians

Louis V, the last Carolingian king, died shortly after suffering injuries from a fall from a horse while hunting / Sam Houston State University, Creative Commons Lecture by Dr. Paul H. Freedman / 11.16.2011 Chester D. Tripp Professor of History Chair, History of Science and Medicine Program Yale University End of Charlemagne’s Rule Sections of[…]

Laying the Foundation for the Soviet Union: 1917-1921, from Revolution to a New Structure

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin addressing a crowd during the Russian Revolution of 1917. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Lewis Siegelbaum / 12.28.2015 Professor of Russian and European History Michigan State University EVENTS February Revolution Aleksei Radakov: The Autocratic System (1917) / From Building the Collective: Soviet Graphic Design, by Leah Dickerman More than three centuries of[…]