The Nature of Evolution: Selection, Inheritance, and History

Evolutionary tree / OneZoom Lecture by Dr. Stephen Stearns / 01.12.2009 Edward P. Bass Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Yale University Introduction Biological evolution has two big ideas. One of them has to do with how the process occurs, and that’s called microevolution. It’s evolution going on right now. Evolution is going on in[…]

‘Unprecedented’: Trump Adds Bannon to National Security Council, Kicks Out Intelligence Officials

The memorandum gives Bannon, former executive chair of the rightwing website Breitbart News, a regular seat at some of the most sensitive meetings at the highest levels of government, along with other NSC meetings. (Photo: Reuters) ‘To reiterate, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been removed from the National Security Council and replaced with a[…]

Healing History: The Story of Agnodice, a Woman Practicing Medicine in Ancient Greece

This marble plaque depicts a ‘parturition’, or birthing scene. Such scenes eased the fears of expectant mothers by depicting positive birthing images. Here, a pregnant woman reclines on a couch covered in drapes, attended by three women. They are dressed in classical Roman robes and one is holding the baby. / The plaque was excavated[…]

The 19th-Century Historical Archives of Jared Sparks

The only known photograph of five Harvard College/University Presidents sitting in order of when they served. Left-to-Right: Josiah Quincy III, Edward Everett, Jared Sparks, James Walker and Cornelius Conway Felton. / Harvard University Library By Derek K. O’Leary / 01.23.2017 PhD Candidate in History University of California Berkeley Jared Sparks—editor, historian, Harvard president—deposited a bundle[…]