Why Native Americans Consider Water Sacred

An activist at a protest rally at the White House against the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines in Washington, D.C. Kevin Lamarque By Dr. Rosalyn LaPier / 03.21.2017 Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Montana Visiting Professor of Women’s Studies, Environmental Studies, and Native American Religion, Harvard Universtiy The Lakota phrase “Mní wičhóni,”[…]

Why Overthinkers are Creative Problem-Solvers

By Nick Darlington / 03.22.2017 The Key to Problem Solving Neurotic overthinkers often have negative thoughts and emotions. The mere mention of the word conjures up a host of negative feelings and emotions: anxiety, worry, stress, moodiness, and overthinking. However, psychologists have discovered a hidden gem. Neurotic overthinkers are highly creative. In fact, if you’re[…]

Making Medieval Manuscripts

The author of a manuscript at his writing desk. From the Roman de la Rose, 14th century / National Library of Wales Dr. Erik Kwakkel and Dr. Beth Harris look at two manuscripts: 1) Boethius, De institutione arithmetica, c. 1100,  The Hague), Royal Library, MS 78 E 59 and 2) Paris Bible, mid 13th century,[…]

Origins of the Guitar

By Dr. Júlio Ribeiro Alves / 12.2015 Professor of Music Theory and Guitar Marshall University Introduction Las Mujeres y Cuerdas Las mujeres y cuerdas De la guitarra, Es menester talento Para templarlas. Flojas no suenan, Y suelen saltar muchas Si las aprietan.[1] The poem above, used by Catalan composer and guitarist Fernando Sor in one[…]

The Rediscovery of Guercino

Sir Denis Mahon at his desk, 2010. Courtesy of the National Gallery of Ireland, Sir Denis Mahon Archive & Library Collection Sir Denis Mahon’s crusade to restore the reputation of an Italian seicento master. By Davide Gasparotto / 03.01.2016 Senior Curator of Paintings J. Paul Getty Museum Sir Denis Mahon (1910–2011) is undoubtedly one of[…]