Ancient Egyptian Science and Technology

By Dr. Joshua J. Mark / 03.18.2016 Professor of Philosophy Marist College Introduction The great temples and monuments of ancient Egypt continue to fascinate and amaze people in the modern day. The sheer size and scope of structures like the Great Pyramid at Giza or the Temple of Amun at Karnak or the Colossi of[…]

A Brief Introduction to Epistemology

Photo by Tim Green, Creative Commons By Dr. Tom Kerns / 01.18.2012 Professor of Philosophy North Seattle College The history of western thought is usually divided into four main periods, the ancient, mediaeval, modern, and contemporary periods. We’ve been studying the ancient period and now we’re going to move past the mediaeval period and into[…]

Techniques and Economies in the Ancient Mediterranean

Image by Fernando Vergara Pina, Creative Commons Lecture by Dr. Jean-Pierre Brun, 04.05.2012 Professor of Ancient History Collège de France Translated by Dr. Victoria Leitch, Post-Doctoral Fellow University of Leicester Introduction Why did the Roman Empire collapse? How could such a powerful and well-organized empire as that of Rome disappear? Was it destroyed, according to[…]

Changing Modes in the Representation of Cult Images on Ancient Greek Vases

By Dr. Brita Alroth Professor of Archaeology and Ancient History Upplala University, Sweden Introduction The title of this article, changing modes in the representation of cult images, promises more, I think, than I can deliver. At the present time, I have more questions than answers – questions that have arisen from the representations of cult[…]