Transnational Ashkenaz: Yiddish Culture after the Holocaust

Monument at the Osipovichi Jewish cemetery / Photo by Alexander Litin, 2009 By Jan Schwarz / 04.11.2016 Associate Professor of Yiddish Studies Lund University 27 (2016) Abstract After the Holocaust’s near complete destruction of European Yiddish cultural centres, the Yiddish language was largely viewed as a remnant of the past, tragically eradicated in its prime.[…]

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

The Positive Psychlopedia, Creative Commons    By Dr. Joel Wong (left) and Dr. Joshua Brown (right) / 06.06.2017 Wong: Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology Brown: Professor of Psychological and  Brain Sciences Indiana University With the rise of managed health care, which emphasizes cost-efficiency and brevity, mental health professionals have had to confront this burning question:[…]

How to Be You: Five Ways to Be Fully Authentic

Image by John Hain, Pixabay, Creative Commons How do you stay true to yourself without letting others down? Here are tips to get started. By Dr. Christine Carter / 06.21.2017 Senior Fellow Greater Good Science Center University of California, Berkeley Authenticity is popular these days. Celebrity media campaigns encourage marginalized youth to “be themselves.” Even[…]