Children Who Question Everything Likely to be Secure and Successful Adults

By Jennifer Delgado Suárez / 02.24.2017 Psychologist There are children who question everything and are not satisfied with any answer. These little ones often challenge the rules because they like to go beyond the established, discuss adult responses and more than once put them in an embarrassing situation, causing them to perceive their inconsistencies or absurdities. This[…]

Wooden Sculptures from Nukuoro

Nukuoro Atoll, Micronesia / Archive: NASA, International Space Station By Dr. Fanny Wonu Veys / 09.08.2017 Anthropologist of Material Culture Curator of Oceania National Museum of World Cultures At the crossroads of cultures Nukuoro is a small isolated atoll in the archipelago of the Caroline Islands. It is located in Micronesia, a region in the[…]

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: The Origin of Western Thought – Plato

Plato statue / Photo by lentina_x, Creative Commons By Dr. Garth Kemerling / 11.12.2011 Professor of Philosophy Capella University Philosophy Pages Plato: Immortality and the Forms William Blake, The Spirit of Plato unfolds his Worlds to Milton in Contemplation / Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art A Faithful Student The most illustrious student Socrates had in philosophy was Plato, whose beautifully written dialogues not only offered[…]