Architectural History of the Town Hall of Amsterdam from 1648

Jacob van Campen, Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam (Royal Palace of Amsterdam, formerly the Town Hall of Amsterdam), 1648-65 (photo: Mihnea Stanciu, CC BY 2.0) By Dr. Saskia Beranek / 09.07.2017 Visiting Professor of Art History Duquesne University The Eighth Wonder of the World Map of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands in the 18th century /[…]

The Unexpected Benefits of Getting Lost in Translation

‘You can never, in American public life, underestimate the advantages of complete and total incomprehensibility.’ Kissinger meets Anwar Sadat in 1976. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Edward Gibson / 09.25.2017 Professor of Cognitive Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology About 20 per cent of the United States population (60 million out of 300 million people) are[…]

The Codex Borgia, a Post-Classic Aztec Manuscript

Codex Borgia, c. 1500, p. 25 (Vatican Library) By Dr. Helen Burgos Ellis / 09.11.2017 Lecturer in Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies University of California, Los Angeles Mesoamericans made screenfold manuscripts of great artistic beauty. One of them is the Codex Borgia, an Aztec manuscript made during the late Post-Classic period, which stretched from about 1250 until about 1521.[…]