James Madison’s ‘Memorial and Remonstrance’

By Dr. Kate Carté Engel / 10.18.2017 Associate Professor of History and Religious Studies Southern Methodist University Annotated Document To the Honorable the General Assembly of the  Commonwealth of Virginia                             A Memorial and Remonstrance The bicameral legislative body of the Commonwealth of VirginiaThe state of Virginia. We[…]

Introduction to Andean Cultures

Inka ruins, Písac, Peru (photo: Chensiyuan, CC BY-SA 3.0) By Dr. Sarahh Scher / 10.06.2017 Visiting Lecturer in Art History Salem State University A land of contrasts “The Andes” can refer to the mountain range that stretches along the west coast of South America, but is also used to refer to a broader geographic area that includes the[…]

Wallacea: A Living Laboratory of Evolution

Sulawesi, part of the biogeographical region of Wallacea, is home to tarsiers – tiny, goggle-eyed creatures look more like mammalian tree frogs than monkeys. Ondrej Prosicky/www.shutterstock.com By Dr. Jatna Supriatna / 10.15.2017 Professor of Conservation Biology Universitas Indonesia The central islands of Indonesia – between Java, Bali and Kalimantan (also known as Borneo) on the west[…]