Is Philanthropy Driven by the Human Desire to Cheat Death?

Postcard of the Carnegie Library in Vancouver BC, c1905, funded by a bequest from the American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Courtesy Rob/Flickr By Jacob Burak / 10.25.2017 In Socialism for Millionaires (1896), the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw quipped that a rich man ‘does not really care whether his money does good or not, provided he finds his conscience eased[…]

How ‘Hindutva’ Recast Multi-Faith India as the ‘Hindu Homeland’

Holy Men attending the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela in Nashik, India. Photo by David Baxendale/Flickr By Ariel Sophia Bardi / 10.24.2017 ‘Hindutva,’ explained Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1923, is ‘not a word, but a history.’ It was introduced in a lengthy pamphlet, Essentials of Hindutva, which Savarkar wrote on the walls of his prison cell, and re-published[…]

How to Use Intuitive Inquiry to Deal with and Help Solve Problems

By Dr. Marjorie Schuman / 10.20.2017 Clinical Psychologist “The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.” – Theodore Isaac Rubin Everyone has problems Everyone has problems: situations or circumstances that are unwelcome and cause perplexity or distress. This universality suggests that problems[…]

The Nuclear National Family: Japan, Fukushima, and Societal Fissures

The Fukushima disaster exposed fissures in Japanese society that its familial politics tries to paper over.    By Mari Matsumoto (left) and Sabu Kohso (right) / 09.15.2017 In the history of nuclear disaster, Fukushima stands out in its singularity. There, two kinds of disasters were intermixed: the earthquake/tsunami, and the nuclear explosion. On March 11,[…]

Exploring Late Roman Mosaics in Ancient City of Idyrus in Turkey

The Late Roman Early Christian floor mosaics from a 4th century church in Idyrus in Turkey’s Antaliya Province have been rediscovered 40 years later. Photo: Hurriyet Daily News By Ivan Dikov / 10.10.2017 Archaeology in Bulgaria 1,600-year-old Late Roman mosaics decorating the floor of an Early Christian church have been rediscovered and explored further in the[…]