The Insta-Dead: The Rhetoric of the Human Remains Trade on Instagram

Photos retrieved from a simple search of Instagram for “Human Skulls”, collected July 10, 2017    By Dr. Damien Huffer (left) and Dr. Shawn Graham (right) / 07.12.2017 Huffer: Postdoctoral Researcher, Stockholm University Graham: Associate Professor, Carleton University ‘The Insta-Dead: the rhetoric of the human remains trade on Instagram’ Issue 45 Abstract There is a[…]

The Bizarre Reality of Cotard’s ‘Walking Corpse’ Syndrome

Photo from Max Pixel By Dolly Stolze / 10.31.2017 For me, zombies are probably the scariest of the iconic horror monsters because humans are either zombie food fighting for survival in a post-apolocalypic landscape or they are transformed into mindless walking corpses that are doomed to feed on the bodies of other people.  While these stumbling,[…]

Archaeologists Excavate Center for Iron Production under Alexander the Great

An aerial view of the Ancient Thracian mound which has turned out to hide the ruins of the residence of a provincial governor and an iron-making center from the empire of Alexander the Great and Lysimachus. Photo: TV grab from BNT By Ivan Dikov / 10.23.2017 Archaeology in Bulgaria Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,300-year-old facility for[…]

Roman London’s First Voices

Lecture by Dr. Roger Tomlin at the Museum of London / 10.10.2017 Professor Emeritus Wolfson College University of Oxford Since we know so much about the Romans from their stone inscriptions, there is a myth that they even conducted their correspondence on slabs of stone. This can be reduced to a joke – ‘Pass me[…]