Two Panathenaic Peploi: A Robe and a Tapestry

So-called “Peplos Scene” from the east Parthenon frieze (panels E31-35). The scene may depict the peplos garment being folded by a child (perhaps a weaver) and a chief priest. Mansfield believes that this image depicts the smaller peplos/robe of the annual Lesser Panathenaia. By Dr. Monica Bowen / 06.28.2017 Professor of Art History Seattle University A few weeks[…]

Portraiture of Ancient Palmyra

The Beauty of Palmyra, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek By Judith Weingarten / 09.02.2015 Archaeologist The Beauty of Palmyra When the Danish archaeologist Harald Ingholt was just beginning his third season of digging at Palmyra in 1928, someone offered to sell him this stunning portrait of a woman – and, in accordance with the practices of the time,[…]