The Pedagogy of Feeling Bad: A Desire for Catharsis in Cinema

Nikolaj Lübecker argues for the ethic of “feel-bad” films, movies in which desire for catharsis is built up but ultimately denied in a variety of ways. He draws on directors such as Lars Von Trier, Gus Van Sant, Michael Haneke, and many others. By Roman Friedman PhD Student in Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership (EPOL)[…]

Bringing It All Back Home: Portuguese Engineers and Their Travels of Learning (1850-1900)

Batty, Robert. Lisbon: The largo do Pelourinho. Pintado pelo Tenente Coronel Batty; gravura por Freebain. Londres: Moon Boys & Graves, 1830 / Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal    By Dr. Ana Cardoso de Matos (left) and Dr. Maria Paula Diogo (right) Cardoso: Professor of History, Interdisciplinary Center for History, Cultures and Societies (CIDEHUS), University of Évora Diogo: Professor of[…]

Time and Place: Eric Ravilious (1903-1942)

Wilmington Giant (1939) by Eric Ravilious / The Mainstone Press Eric Ravilious died when his aircraft went missing off Iceland while he was making war paintings. An artist in multiple disciplines, his greater legacy dwells in water-colours. Frank Delaney re-visits the work of this understated, yet significant figure. By Frank Delaney / 11.27.2013 Former Writer and Broadcaster[…]

Aqueducts: Hydrology in Ancient Rome

Roman acqueduct near Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain / Photo by Cruccone, Wikimedia Commons From Dr. Stephen T. Muench (by student A. Maznamy) / 09.06.2013 Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Washington Introduction Ancient Romans constructed complex hydrological systems known as aqueducts which supplied Rome with massive amounts of water through a complex system of open channels, tunnels,[…]

An Ancient Network: The Roads of Rome

Figure 1: Roman road network at the peak of the Empire (Andrein, 2009) From Dr. Stephen T. Muench (by student J.C. Back) / 11.02.2015 Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Washington Introduction Before the inventions of modern times to simplify communication and transportation, roadways were the backbone of achievement and convenience. For the Roman[…]