Rome’s Enduring Arch

Figure 1: Ponte Garibaldi serving as both pedestrian walkway and traffic arterial ( Photo by: Self, 2013) From Dr. Stephen T. Muench (student paper) / 09.06.2013 Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Washington Introduction The first arch made an appearance in structural design in the second millennium BC via the Mesopotamians. However, it wasn’t[…]

An Introduction to Ancient Roman Architecture

An example of post and lintel architecture: Hera II, Paestum, c. 460 B.C.E. (Classical period), tufa, 24.26 x 59.98 m By Dr. Jessica Leay Ambler / 08.08.2015 Professor of Humanities Southern New Hampshire University Roman architecture was unlike anything that had come before. The Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Etruscans all had monumental architecture. The grandeur[…]

The History of Alcohol Temperance and Prohibition in America

By Dr. K. Austin Kerr Professor Emeritus of American History The Ohio State University Why Prohibition? Why did the United States have a prohibition movement, and enact prohibition? We offer some generalizations in answer to that question. Prohibition in the United States was a measure designed to reduce drinking by eliminating the businesses that manufactured,[…]

Mistletoe and (a Large) Wine: Increasing Sizes of Wine Glasses over 300 Years

Enamelled Jacobite portrait glass. / Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford Our Georgian and Victorian ancestors probably celebrated Christmas with more modest wine consumption than we do today – if the size of their wine glasses are anything to go by. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found that the capacity of wine glasses has increased[…]

Elizabeth Bisland’s Race Around the World

Elizabeth Bisland at the time of her trip, from the frontispiece to In Seven Stages / Author’s own scan. Exploring the life and writings of Elizabeth Bisland, an American journalist propelled into the limelight when she set out in 1889 – head-to-head with fellow journalist Nellie Bly – on a journey to beat Phileas Fogg’s fictitious 80-day circumnavigation[…]