The Diachronic Ethnography of Media: From Social Changing to Actual Social Changes

By Dr. John Postill / 06.21.2017 Senior Lecturer in Communication RMIT University, Melbourne Abstract In this article I address the challenge of how to study media and actual social changes ethnographically. To do so I draw from the relevant media ethnography literature, including my own research in Malaysia and Spain. I argue that ethnographers are[…]

How the Reformation was Remembered, Forgotten, Contested, and Re-Invented

Lives and Afterlives By Dr. Ceri Law AHRC Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Cambridge We explore the historical and literary afterlives of individuals and groups caught up in the Reformation, as well as the manner in which religious change stimulated the emergence and effected the transformation of types of life-writing. Subjects of investigation include figures omitted from official written histories of[…]

Pods, Pots, and Potions: Putting Cacao to Paper in Early Modern Europe

Chromolithograph of a fruiting branch of the cacao tree, by P. Depannemaeker, ca.1885, after an image by the Dutch botanical artist Berthe Hoola van Nooten / Wellcome Library Christine Jones explores the different ways the cacao tree has been depicted through history — from 16th-century codices to 18th-century botanicals — and what this changing iconography[…]