Museums and Politics: The Louvre, Paris

Aerial view of the Louvre Museum (2010), photo: Matthias Kabel (CC BY-SA 3.0) “The origin of the modern museum…is linked to the development of the guillotine.” —Georges Bataille, October, 1986 By Dr. Elizabeth Rodini / 12.19.2017 Professor of Art History Johns Hopkins University This statement by the cultural critic Georges Bataille may seem extreme, but it is[…]

Kant and the Categorical Imperative

By Dr. James Fieser / 10.01.2017 Professor of Philosophy University of Tennessee at Martin INTRODUCTION Photo by CollegeDegrees360, Creative Commons Pam and Sheila were students at a large state university that had math and foreign language requirements. Pam was strong in languages, but lousy in math; Sheila had the opposite abilities. The two struck a deal: Pam would[…]

Influenza Pandemics Now, Then, and Again

In 2005, Dr. Terrence Tumpey, a Center for Disease Control Microbiologist, examines recreated 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus to help understand its particularly deadly effects. By studying past pandemics, and the successes and failures of social and medical responses to end them, policy-makers and scientists hope to ameliorate the ill effects of the next flu pandemic[…]

Inside the Empty House: Sherlock Holmes, For King and Country

Detail from a Sydney Paget illustration to ‘The Final Problem’ which appeared in The Strand Magazine in December, 1893. Holmes and Moriarty tussle over Reichenbach Falls before Holmes falls to his apparent death. / Wikimedia Commons Andrew Glazzard investigates the domestic and imperial subterfuge beneath the surface of Sherlock Holmes’s 1903 return to Baker Street in Conan[…]

Sir Arthur and the Fairies

Spirit photograph of Arthur Conan Doyle taken by the ‘spirit photographer’ Ada Deane in 1922, the same year in which Conan Doyle’s The Coming of the Fairies was published / Wikimedia Commons In the spring of 1920, at the beginning of a growing fascination with spiritualism brought on by the death of his son and brother in[…]