Blocking the Noise in a Seemingly Senseless World

By Gilbert Ross / 01.05.2018 Is Loss of Sense-Making Threatening Our Existence? We are living in a point in time of our evolution where the amount and quality of problems we are facing are existential in nature or, that is, they are pointing towards gloomy scenarios of auto-destruction. From the accelerated degradation of our biosphere, overpopulation,[…]

The ‘Three Revelers’ Amphora of Euthymides

Euthymides, Three Revelers (Athenian red-figure amphora), c. 510 B.C.E., 24 inches high (Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich) By Katarzyna Minollari / 08.08.2015 PhD Candidate in Art History University of Tirana, Albania Competition “As never Ephronios [could do]” wrote painter Euthymides after painting his new amphora (an amphora is a type of Greek vase in this shape). Euthymides had a clear[…]

An Introduction to Ancient Greek Tragedy

By Dr. Gregory Nagy Francis Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature Professor of Comparative Literature Director, Center for Hellenic Studies Harvard University In considering the traditions of tragedy, it is important to keep in mind that the medium of tragedy in particular and of drama in general was the central context for the evolution of traditions in[…]

Sources for History and Epic in Ancient Iran

“Feridun Strikes Zahak With The Ox-Headed Mace,” watercolor on paper, Tabriz, Iran, circa 1525, from Firdawsi’s “Shahnameh” / Smithsonian Institution By Dr. M. Rahim Shayegan Professor, Amuzegar Chair in Iranian Director, Program of Iranian Studies University of California, Los Angeles Old Persian Epigraphy: The Bisotun Inscription Behistun (Bisotun) Inscription, describing conquests of Darius the Great[…]