The Maison Carrée: Ancient Roman Temple in Nîmes

Maison Carrée, c. 4-7 C.E., Colonia Nemausus (modern Nîmes, France) By Dr. Jeffrey A. Becker / 12.09.2015 Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies Binghamton University The so-called Maison Carrée or “square house” is an ancient Roman temple located in Nîmes in southern France. Nîmes was founded as a Roman colony (Colonia Nemausus) during the first century B.C.E. The Maison[…]

A Tantalizing Find from the Jews of Medieval Afghanistan

A letter in Judeo-Persian dealing with financial and family matters / Afghan Genizah collection at the National Library of Israel via Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Samuel Thrope / 01.07.2016 Writer and Translator Based in Jerusalem In 1946, the French philologist André Dupont-Sommer published the first Jewish tombstone inscription from Firozkoh in Afghanistan. Dated between the[…]

In Conversation with Jane Goodall

Henry Nicholls talks to Jane Goodall about her remarkable career studying chimpanzee behaviour, her animal welfare activism, and accusations of plagiarism in her latest book. By Henry Nicholls / 03.31.2014 In February 1935, the year of King George V’s silver jubilee, a chimpanzee at London Zoo called Boo-Boo gave birth to a baby daughter. A couple of months later, a little[…]

‘A Natural History of Human Thinking’: Time and Other Primates

Dr. Michael Tomasello    By Dr. Nicolas Langlitz (left), Stephanie Schiavenato (right), and Esther Rottenburg (no photo) / 12.20.2016 Langlitz: Associate Professor of Anthropology, The New School for Social Research Schiavenato: Doctoral Student in Anthropology, New York University Rottenburg: MA Candidate in Global Health, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands Tomasello, Michael. 2014. A Natural History of Human[…]