Deathly Meditations in Medieval Manuscripts

By Dr. Bryan C. Keene / 06.08.2015 Adjunct Professor of Art History Pepperdine University The recent Death Salon at the Getty Villa encouraged attendees to face the reality of death and to make end-of-life choices—before reaching the end of life. Taking this admonition to heart, we in the Manuscripts Department have meditated on the greatest images of death, dying,[…]

Which Hero Would You Choose for Your Coffin?

The limestone relief on this Roman sarcophagus, c. AD 190, depicts the Triumph of Dionysus. / Walters Art Museum A guide to three heroes of antiquity who were ornaments of choice for funerary art. By Eric Bruehl / 04.25.2015 Senior Project Specialist, Education Department J. Paul Getty Museum When it came to decorating their coffins, the ancient Greeks and[…]

Beware the Ides of March

Baffling calendars, made-up quotes, and ominous livers underlie the story of Julius Caesar’s death. By Shelby Brown / 03.14.2014 Classical archaeologist and classicist Education Specialist for Academic and Adult Audiences J. Paul Getty Museum Julius Caesar, the famous dictator, was assassinated in 44 B.C. on the “Ides” of March. We’ve all heard of the Ides—but what exactly[…]