The Hidden Influence of Langston Hughes on MLK

Martin Luther King Jr.‘s dream – which alternated between shattered and hopeful – can be traced back to Hughes’ poetry. AP Photo In order to avoid being labeled a communist sympathizer, King needed to publicly distance himself from the controversial poet. Privately, King found ways to channel Hughes’ prose. By Dr. Jason Miller / 03.30.2018 Professor[…]

‘Cycle and Epicycle, Orb in Orb’: The Science of Paradise Lost

The Archangel Raphael with Adam and Eve (an illustration to Milton’s Paradise Lost) by William Blake (1808). Courtesy MFA Boston By Dr. Ed Simon / 03.28.2018 Associate Editor Marginalia Review of Books Paradise Lost (1674) is a consummate example of scientific literature. In it, John Milton effectively mimics the debates that motivated the New Science of his era, and the[…]

Democritus Junior and the Musings of Melancholy

Frontispiece image showing man haunted by melancholy, from The Anatomy of Melancholy By Harkiran Dhindsa / 03.30.2016 The original work was first published in 1621, but its popularity among scholars ensured its continued reprints centuries later. The recently digitised copy of this book is from an 1806 edition held by the University of Bristol. Helpfully, the 1806 edition[…]

“Not Like a Coward”: Remembering a Warrior’s Death

Gravestone of Pollis, Greek, made in Megara, about 480 B.C. Marble, 60 1/4 in. high. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 90.AA.129 By David Saunders / 11.12.2012 Curator, Department of Antiquities J. Paul Getty Museum The intimate association between being remembered and risking one’s life on the battlefield lies at the heart of Homer’s Iliad. The preeminent warrior[…]