Yvette Borup Andrews: Photographing Central Asia in the Early 20th Century

“Young China”, featured in Camps and Trails in China (1918) / HathiTrust Digital Library Although often overshadowed by the escapades of her more famous husband (said by some to be the real-life inspiration for Indiana Jones), the photographs taken by Yvette Borup Andrews on their first expeditions through Central Asia stand today as a compelling contribution to[…]

Andreas Vesalius: The Man Who Revolutionized Our Knowledge of the Human Body

Drawn directly from the flesh. Public Domain Review/Flickr, CC BY-SA By Dr. Richard Gunderman / 12.31.2014 Professor of Medicine, Liberal Arts, and Philanthropy Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Andreas Vesalius authored one of the most elegant and influential books in scientific history. His investigations revolutionized our understanding of the interior of the human body and the methods physicians use to[…]

The Five Ancient Britons Who Make Up the Myth of King Arthur

Holly Hayes/Flickr, CC BY-NC A forensic dig into early British history means we can finally understand the heroes and stories that created a composite king. By Dr. Miles Russell / 11.10.2017 Senior Lecturer in Archaeology Bournemouth University King Arthur is probably the best known of all British mythological figures. He is a character from deep time celebrated across the world in literature,[…]

The Fake News that Sealed the Fate of Antony and Cleopatra

Getting it on? Wikipedia Was a forged document responsible for the defeat of Mark Antony and the rise of Rome’s first emperor? By Dr. Eve MacDonald / 01.12.2017 Teaching Fellow in Ancient History University of Reading The papers and social media are today full of claims of fake news; back and forth the accusations fly that one side of the political divide in the US has[…]

The Bronze Age Aegean and Its Collapse

Bronze Age Aegean Larnax / Royal Ontario Museum By Dr. Nicholas K. Rauh Professor of Classics Purdue University The Inception of Bronze Age Archaeology Archaeological exploration of Bronze Age Greece has been profoundly influenced by Homeric traditions. A legendary bard who lived around 750 BC, Homer presumably traveled to the manor houses of early Iron Age[…]