A History of Covering Up Paintings to Make Room for Others

Behind the mask. National Galleries of Scotland By Dr. Elsje van Kessel / 10.31.2017 Lecturer in Art History University of St. Andrews An exciting discovery for British history buffs: an unfinished portrait believed to be of Mary, Queen of Scots has been revealed under a 16th-century painting using X-ray photography. The hidden portrait is a special find by[…]

The Man Who Prevented the Outbreak of World War III

“Vasili Arkhipov is arguably the most important person in modern history, thanks to whom October 27, 2017 isn’t the 55th anniversary of WWIII.” – Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute, October 27, 2017. By Douglas Gilbert / 04.15.2018 Adjunct Professor of Mathematics York Technical College Two men fought. With explosions deafening their ears[…]

Russification-Sovietization in East-Central Europe after 1917

Soviet leaders Red Square, Moscow, USSR celebrating the second anniversary of the October Revolution / Photo by L.Y. Leonidov, Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Theodore R. Weeks / 12.03.2010 Professor of History Southern Illinois University Abstract Under tsarist and Soviet rule respectively, russification and sovietization were intended to ensure state control over a diverse population. The Russian[…]

The Villa J. Paul Getty Built but Never Saw

J. Paul Getty (at left) views a model of the Getty Villa at Sutton Place, his home in England, in 1971. The Getty Research Institute, Institutional Archives. Ancient and modern history intertwine at the Getty Villa. By Dr. Kenneth Lapatin / 04.10.2018 Curator of Antiquities J. Paul Getty Museum Ironically, J. Paul Getty never saw[…]

Early Greek Science: Thales to Plato

Fragment from an ancient copy of Euclid’s Elements / Pinterest, Creative Commons By Dr. Michael Fowler / 07.23.2015 Maxine S. and Jesse W. Beams Professor of Physics , Physics Education,Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics University of Virginia The Milesians Stadium Miletus / Wikimedia Commons The first recorded important contributions to Greek science are from the city of Miletus, near[…]