Fascism and Nazism: The Similarities and Differences Examined

Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini / German Federal Archives via Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Richard Adewale Elewomawu / 01.2018 Professor of Political Science Kogi State College of Education, Nigeria Fascism was a system of government that reigned in Europe between the First and Second World Wars. It was a far-right form of government which was[…]

Ashkenazi Jews in Early Modern Europe

“Yiddish Motifs” (Yidishe Motoyf). Woodcut of a traditional Shtetl by the Chicago-based Ashkenazi artist Todros Geller, published in the series “From Land to Land” (Fun Land tsu Land) during the 1930s. / WorldAtlas By Dr. Predrag Bukovec / 03.07.2012 Liturgiology University of Vienna Introduction This article describes the history of Jews in Eastern Europe which[…]

Research in the Restaurant: Inspiring Modern Chefs with Medieval Cuisine

Bone-flinging feast? Giles Gasper Think of medieval food and a whole range of not especially dignified images come to mind.    By Dr. Giles Gasper and Dr. Rachel Matthews / 06.02.2014 Gasper: Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, Durham University Matthews: Research Grants and Contracts Officer, Department of History, Durham University Think of medieval food and a whole range[…]

Our Ancient Obsession with Food: Human as Evolutionary Master Chefs

A reconstruction of Homo erectus making fire, Zhoukoudian Museum, China. Darren Curnoe, Author provided Few of us pause to reflect on the hugely important role diet plays in the ecology and evolutionary history of all species. By Dr. Darren Curnoe / 06.05.2015 Associate Professor Biological Anthropology and Archaeological Science UNSW Australia Amateur cook-offs like the hugely popular MasterChef series now in its[…]

Science with Aristotle

By Dr. Michael Fowler / 07.23.2015 Maxine S. and Jesse W. Beams Professor of Physics , Physics Education,Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics University of Virginia Beginnings of Science and Philosophy in Athens Let us first recap briefly the emergence of philosophy and science in Athens after around 450 B.C. It all began with Socrates, who was born in 470[…]

Every God is Plural: Anthropology of Polytheism in Ancient Greece

The three Moirai. Relief, grave of Alexander von der Mark (de) by Johann Gottfried Schadow. / Old National Gallery, Berlin, via Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Marcel Detienne Basil L. Gildersleeve Professor of Classics Emeritus Johns Hopkins University The discovery that gods make good objects of research was not made by contemporary anthropology. The very first anthropologists never failed to recommend making an[…]