You’ve Heard of Eric Schneiderman. You Should Know About Rose Schneiderman.

She’s the Schneiderman who championed women’s rights in the 20th century. By Dr. Jennifer Scanlon Associate Professor and Director of Women’s Studies Bowdoin College Surname: Schneiderman. Jewish. Raised in New York City. Progressive politician. Ally to women. Ally to working people. Ally to immigrants and people of color. Enemy of sexual harassment and assault. Fiery[…]

How One ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Poster Won Out Over All Others as a Symbol of Female Empowerment

During the war, the poster on the left, painted by J. Howard Miller, was only on display for only two weeks. Norman Rockwell’s, on the other hand, was seen by millions. Nick Lehr/The Conversation During the war, few Americans actually saw the ‘Rosie the Riveter’ poster that’s become acultural icon.    By Dr. Sarah Myers and Dr. G. Kurt Piehler / 05.25.2018 Myers: Assistant Professor of History,[…]

Girls’ Labor and Leisure in the Progressive Era

Florence Kelley (center) / Public Domain By Dr. Miriam Forman-Brunell Professor of History, Women, and Gender University of Missouri-Kansas City Missing Stories The central story in many textbooks is one of tireless reformers committed to protecting the poor and helping vulnerable children by eliminating child labor and expanding education. Working on all levels, reformers expanded[…]

What Neolithic Rock Art Can Tell Us about the Way Our Ancestors Lived 6,000 Years Ago

Rock art in central Northumberland, northern England. Author provided Trying to save Neolithic rock art made by our ancient ancestors is no easy task. But it tells us how people used to live.    By Dr. Aron David Mazel and Dr. Myra J. Giesen / 12.20.2017 Mazel: Reader in Heritage Studies Giesen: Visiting Fellow Newcastle University The British and Irish countryside is often celebrated for its wealth of[…]

6,000-Year-Old Monument Offers Tantalizing Glimpse of Britain’s Neolithic Civilization

Cat’s Brain long barrow is near the more famous Stonehenge (pictured) but predates it by hundreds of years. Shutterstock An archaeological dig at Cat’s Brain has unearthed a remarkable insight into life in Britain before Stonehenge. By Dr. James Leary / 11.20.2017 Director of Archaeology Field School University of Reading This summer, the University of Reading Archaeology Field School excavated[…]