Photography’s History is Told as Art – It Shouldn’t Be

Linnaeus Tripe, Front of the Mundapum at Secundermalie, 1858. © Wilson Centre for Photography The history of photography needs to be freed from the artistic canon. By Dr. Elizabeth Edwards / 02.23.2015 Professor in Photographic History De Montfort University We all think we know what photographs are, and why we have them. Photographs are everywhere. For the past 150[…]

The Ada Louise Huxtable Archive

Portrait of Ada Louise Huxtable, 1970s. Photograph by L. Garth Huxtable. The Getty Research Institute, 2013.M.9 “Buildings have to stand up” said the critic, whose rich archive has been catalogued by the Getty Research Institute. By Laura Schroffel / 05.23.2014 Library Assistant in Special Collections Cataloging Getty Research Institute When reflecting on her lifetime of[…]

‘Photographing Tutankhamun’ Reveals Historical Context behind Pioneering Images

Iconic photography taken during the decade-long excavation of King Tutankhamun’s tomb has gone on display at Cambridge University’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA). 06.14.2018 The exhibition Photographing Tutankhamun has been curated by University of East Anglia (UEA) Egyptologist Dr Christina Riggs and gives a different view on the ‘golden age’ of archaeology and photography in the[…]

Mother’s Milk Holds the Key to Unlocking an Evolutionary Mystery from the Last Ice Age

Sunrise at noon in the Arctic. Little exposure to sun was a piece of the genetic puzzle. Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, CC BY Why was one gene mutation that affects hair, teeth, sweat glands and breasts ubiquitous among ice age Arctic people? New research points to the advantage it provided for ancestors of Native Americans. By Dr. Leslea Hlusko / 04.26.2018 Associate Professor of Integrative[…]

How Genetics Helped Crack the History of Human Migration

A family migrating to western US in 1886. Marion Doss/Flickr, Creative Commons Humans evolved in Africa, spread across the world, and then it gets messy. Luckily advances in genetic sequencing have helped us track the complex history of human migration. By Dr. George Busby / 01.12.2016 Post-Doctoral Research Associate Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics Oxford University Over the past 25 years, scientists have supported the view[…]